An ultra-flexible grouping system

femaag packing module demos 7The DemoS grouping unit offers the possibility to freely arrange containers by defining spacings both in the running direction and crosswise. This allows to simply create any grouping in order to meet all production needs.


A simple and efficient way to feed downstream equipments

Once prepared, groupings are delivered on a belt with a very precise positioning.
This belt can directly feed :

  • a gripping head for direct case packing in one move,
  • the lapping station of a shrink-wrapper,
  • a wrap around case packer.

Optimum protection of your containers

The DemoS grouping unit uses comb-shaped guides instead of conventional bar guides. This system ensures a smooth and positive guiding, without friction and without having one container ever pushing another one.
It allows an efficient mechanization of unstable containers with maximum protection of the containers themselves as well as of their labels.

Suitable for high outputs and multiple formats

The DemoS grouping unit can manage up to 100 rows per minute and thus reach an output of 50 000 bph.
A quick set-up process and container turning option at machine’s infeed also allow the DemoS grouping unit to manage multiple formats.

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The DemoS grouping unit is easy to integrate on your lines
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