90° guiding lane divider

femaag packing module demos 8Placed at the end of a single lane infeed perpendicularly to a multi-track conveyor, the DemoS lane divider sends rows of containers in a steady stream and without preliminary spacing in a deviating unit fitted with retractable combed-shaped guides.
These guides gently accompany the direction change of containers moving at high speed to avoid that they knock together.

Simultaneous feeding of all tracks for maximum compactness

The 90° deviation instantaneously offers a perfectly even distribution amongst all tracks of the downstream conveyor and thus allows to avoid all the belts otherwise necessary to group lines of containers while maintaining a precise regulation of the infeed rate. By removing the unnecessary belts, it is possible to obtain a very compact unit : 6 sqm only for the DemoS lane divider versus 20 up to 40 sqm for conventional systems.

Optimum protection of your containers

The use of comb-shaped guides and the removal of grouping conveyors avoid all impacts and bounces that containers can undergo with conventional systems.
Containers and labels are protected against any damage.

Suitable for high outputs and multiple sizes and shapes

Our DemoS lane divider can manage up to 100 rows per minute and thus reach an output of 50 000 bph.
The removable guides and container turning option also allow the DemoS lane divider to manage a wide variety of sizes and shapes.
Changeovers are very fast : guide change + adjustment of a single conveyor.

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The DemoS lane divider is easy to integrate on your lines
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