Our DemoS units are simple mechanization devices intended for the dispatching and the grouping of all kinds of containers (round, square with round corners, ovoid, rectangular) on high speed packing lines.

The main target of these units is to reduce the global footprint of the line by shortening the belts needed for grouping trains of containers, ensuring even distribution amongst all tracks and grouping products before packing.

Our units have been designed to gently handle containers coming from a single lane infeed, passing through a steady stream selection system and moving down to the end of the line. All along their course, containers never knock together or push each other. Our units are thus highly recommended for dispatching and grouping containers that are difficult to collate and/or unstable with a maximum level of protection for the container itself and its label.

As a consequence, the noise level of the packing line is reduced, which is an additional benefit of our system.

Finally, our DemoS units have been designed to offer a high level of flexibility in production, with fast and easy changeovers.

femaag packing module demos 3d

Do you need to dispatch and/or group delicate or unstable packaging in reduced space ?

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