Mars 2014

Nested packs keep developing in North America. Already adopted by all majors bottlers (Niagara, Ice Rivers Springs, Nestlé Waters et Crystal-Geyser-Roxane amongst others) and by a multitude of local bottlers (Chameleon Beverage, Unlimited waters...) on large groupings of 35,32,28 and 24 units, they are now used for groupings of 15 and 12 units.
And although conventional packs of 15 and 12 units don’t require cardboard trays, the return on investment of staggering devices remains below one year !

The European market now in turn moves to nested packs.
After the forerunners, such as Roxane-Cristaline, Neptune UK and SPA in Belgium, FEMAAG is now supporting numerous bottlers in their study stage.
Projects are well under way for some majors manufacturers of water for which test pallets have already been produced.